Because we can.

There are two main reasons we can code on any blockchain we want. First and foremost, because our team can straight up code. If there is a language we don't know, we know a guy. We'll get that guy on to teach you. So why is it that we can get them on? Well, that brings us to the second reason:

Because we live and breath that decentralized, open source life. We don't let one blockchain dictate our terms to us. We want to play with all of the tech, not just some of it. We want to kick the tires on everything. We're curious and we're learning- why would we limit ourselves?

We can have anyone we want on a livestream. We can ask anyone to step in to teach a structured course. Thats because we're not selling out to one group to shill their dumpster fire of a blockchain project over and over again. We're not going to code in just one language day in and day out.  Our sponsors are great people, and they all embrace the open source mentality. They can have a day here and there where we can explore their tech, and the next day we can dive into something else that catches our eye or perhaps you request. Shameless plug: join our Discord or check out a Livestream to make that request.

Whats the downside to this? We will explore a wide range of tech so you might very well see a garbage project. But what is a garbage project? We don't make those decisions for you. You're the dev. You control your own destiny. If you like a project we think is lame, good for you. We're going to try out everything and form our own opinions. We think you should too. We'll tell you what we're thinking and we're happy to discuss it real time with you. We explore lots of tech and we'll show you how to push code for it but if you want to pursue it or not after that is up to you.