Whether you are a beginner in trading cryptocurrency’s or an expert, a worker or an enthusiastic, you always need someone to follow, to listen to, to share different opinions and mentalities. These are some of the most trust and knowledge persons that share content about the crypto industry, that you should follow.

YouTube Channels and Top influencers

Let’s start with DataDash aka Nicholas Merten, he is top cryptocurrency youtuber with over 300k followers on his channel. Nicholas Merten is a well-known influencer, he shares is trading experience with his viewers along with his experience in the financial markets, the traditional and non-tradition ones. He uses technical analyses to spot market trends as well as macroeconomic fundamentals. He started his channel over a year ago and he has built a huge community around him. He makes great interviews with OTC exchanges and tries to see the rational aspects of the markets.

Following the YouTube trend, we have Crypto Zombie not a very large youtuber but none the less a very enthusiastic and passionate individual that always tries to give value to his viewers, by sharing his thoughts on a variety of different projects as well as having great interviews and live streams with other Crypto youtubers. He is not a programmer, or does he have a financial background, but he is always on top of news, so if you don’t have the time to read so many different project news or just updates well Crypto Zombie channel is the right one to keep up with the recent changes in the market.

Now let’s go to a more advanced youtuber channel like Ivan on Tech, this is a great channel to just learn the tech behind the crypto market, he teaches how to create an erc20 token, he teaches how to mess with GitHub and how to look at the code of different projects and much more. He has a background in programming and that has helped him build a community that is interesting in learning how to build applications and how to use them. If you are interested in just learn and mess with solidity and other languages as well as learning Blockchain features, then Ivan on Tech will put you on the right direction.

Let’s not forget of the investors and speculators out there, anyone that is interesting in getting deeper into what the institutions are doing behind the scenes and what professional investors are looking for, as well as the state of the market in different regions of the world, then you should give a look at the CNBC Crypto Trader channel. He travels to a lot of places and talks to a lot of different important figures of the crypto space as well as visiting the offices of great projects. But I must warn you most of his videos are sponsored so you got to look pass that.

Some honorable mentions are Hashoshi channel an Ethereum dev, Crypto0 channel, Ready Set Crypto and The Crypto Lark.

Twitter top influencers

If you don’t have time to watch YouTube channels or you just enjoy tweeting and talking to other people, then you should follow these crypto figures that will give you a great insight of what’s going on with the industry in general.

One of the best names on Twitter is Joseph Young a great analyst that publishes great articles and shares great content about the state of the market and makes some very good comparisons to traditional Finance and just overall economics. He writes articles for Cointelegraph as well as Forbes and NewsBTC.

For a more comprehensive knowledge about institutions and some insights you have Pomp, he tweets a lot of different Data analytics and he tweets his thoughts of what’s happening in a more general stance of the crypto industry.

I won’t forget the readers, Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a great mentor a very well-educated individual with a passion for new technologies. He has a lot of great books and he does live streams on Fridays in the course “Introduction to Digital Currencies” from University of Nicosia and he makes a lot of speeches in different events, he has been a great influencer and a true Bitcoin supporter.

These are some of my personal choices for top influencers, that I have been following, some since they started their channels and interactions with the community.