Crypto ain't easy.

But really, being a developer isn't exactly the easy route to begin with. ForkedBlock was started with a very simple mission: Be the top resource for developers and engineers in the cryptocurrency space. Don't charge them money at every turn.

Our goal is to be crypto advocates starting from the base layer– the technology itself. Everything in crypto starts with the code. The first thing created was Bitcoin and that came from the release of the whitepaper, and subsequently the first iteration of the open source software which holds strong to this day. The key driver was for the software to be open to all who wished to participate.

Our goal is to honor the principles of open source, low barriers to entry. We think we can get further together and we want to be strong evangelists for cryptocurrencies. We want to make it easy for people with coding skills to transition from whatever language they know into being a full fledged crypto developer, or DApp creator or whatever crypto project they want to work on.

We also put our ego to the side. We're the only group we know of who are not afraid to hack, livestreamed, on actual projects so that others may learn. We leave those videos up on any platform that will store them. We are blockchain agnostic – we truly want to help dev's get going in the space, and developers who are in the space we want to share our knowledge with them to advance the crypto space faster. We will hack on any blockchain, we will review security errors and bugs, we will build DApps and share them with the world.

Although we know that livestreams are incredible for low barriers to entry and to bring this technology to people all over the world, we also host hackathons both virtually and in the real world. Check out our site for upcoming events, resources, places to start and other great info. If you need to chat with someone, check out our Discord or pop in on one of our Livestreams!

We're out here being the strongest advocates we can be, and we're open to input and any resources you may have to share that can help the broader community. If you're a new dev, a dev new to crypto or an experienced crypto developer, you're welcome here. We don't charge our devs to attend our hackathons, we'd just love for you to show up, learn something or share some of your knowledge!

As we build out our resources there is one small thing you could do to help us– please join our Discord, subscribe to our ForkedBlock Twitch - our YouTube - Our Twitter and or our newsletter. These are all ways we can pass you updates, but it really helps us to get the word out and be a resource to other hackers– Thank you!