NEO the platform that was so many times called the “Ethereum of China”, NEO is a blockchain platform created with the concept of creating a fully decentralized smart economy. While the market remains Bearish and moving sideways the NEO MainNet just accomplished a 2 years Anniversary on October 17th, reaching huge milestones in the NEO community.

NEO supports a lot of common programming languages like JavaScript, C#, Python, Java and Go. This variety of languages are supported due to NEO using a customized version of Docker called NeoVM

Some of these milestones were the development of the City of Zion, NewEconoLabs, Red4Sec, NEO Research, NEO News Today and Keymakers. All these communities have been impacting the NEO development from finding opportunities for optimizing the NeoVM and implementations in the VM, NEO Core, and compiler of multiple languages such as Python and Golang, the development of the NeoCompiler, and the conduct of multiple audits on the NEO platform plus the development of API and developer libraries (e.g. neon-js).
For all the devs and code enthusiasts NEO is a perfect project to start messing with, because NEO on the contrary of Ethereum that only supports solidity and vyper to perform smart contracts, NEO supports a lot of common programming languages like JavaScript, C#, Python, Java and Go. This variety of languages are supported due to NEO using a customized version of Docker called NeoVM, which compiles the code into an environment.

NEO Research is a good place to take a deeper look into the compilers for NeoVM and witness an open-source community developing cutting-edge technologies for NEO Blockchain, while in process of trying to achieve 100 000 TPS (transactions per second) on the NEO platform without sharding. Meanwhile Ethereum processes about 15 TPS, and even with sharding coming up with the Ethereum 2.0 it only aims to bring Ethereum’s network speed up to about 15 000 TPS. Although Ethereum aims to build another solution that can be categorized as another “off-chain” technology that takes away operations from “main chain” to “off chain” called Plasma but that update stays for another post.

Some of the recent updates on NEO Core and tech side are the implementation of Golang to become viable for NEO smart contract development, it’s now the third major programming language on NEO. The decentralization is still ongoing with KPN being voted as consensus node on the NEO MainNet in the latest election held on October 20th, resulting in a decrease of nodes controlled by the NEO Foundation from 7 to 5. The upgrade to 2.9.0 of the NEO MainNet & TestNet and the release of the NEO-CLI 2.9.1 ( The launch of NEO Black Sea Community in July 1st, a great step for the NEO enthusiasts and developers around the world who want to contribute to the NEO development.

As mentioned before NEO aims to build a smart economy by tokenizing all the industries of an economy, from gaming to AI, to distributed data, digital identity, travel booking marketplace, distributed workforce, decentralized platform for music content, e-commerce and an operating system. The ecosystem has now more than 50 projects and more coming with the dapps competitions, and global events to attract developers and entrepreneurs. From an investment point of view, although the market remains stagnant and the price of NEO remains around $17, with no major volatility since 14th of August, it’s a great time to accumulate a position in NEO using dollar cost averaging, while the market doesn’t start a new cycle. NEO has fallen around 92% from an ATH of $194 depending on the exchange to $13.78 at an ATL. While the retail investors ran away and are scared to enter the market with new cash flows, the institutions are now entering slowly the space like Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley with more upcoming custodian services and trading desks being opened and other services like Bakkt backed by Intercontinental Exchange and more financial products (several ETF’s) waiting approval from the SEC. The market is building the technology for a new bull run and NEO will be one of the major players in the crypto industry.

About the author: Afonso Casanova is very passionate about new tech. He is an entrepreneur with a background in finance. Afonso is not a financial adviser and this article does not consist of investment advice, this is only Afonso's opinion.