Why would anyone ever decide to put themselves out there with livestream hacking? There are many rational and logical reasons to perfect whatever you're working on and then make a perfectly curated video and post to showcase your skills. After all hacking isn't very easy. Hacking is often a series of attempts to solve highly complex problems usually requiring non standard and creative solutions. So why put yourself at risk by exposing mistakes and missteps by doing all of that while livestream hacking?

The answer is simple. Often times the solutions we attempt are ideas that can be repackaged and applied later, on a different problem. There is a lot of value in livestream hacking because it shows each attempt. Problem solving is the name of the game, and just giving the answer, without showing how you got there only solves the problem at hand. By going through every single step, and every single attempt while livestreaming, whoever is tuned in also gets to see the thought process a developer might take while looking to solve the problem at hand. These insights can be very useful and can paint a picture beyond just the solution- it can highlight different ways to approach a problem and it can show specifically why one solution doesn't work. Knowing why something fails is powerful insight.

Another reason why livestream hacking is helpful has to do with the interactive nature. If you're on a livestream with the ForkedBlock team, you can be solving the problem on your own right along side the ForkedBlock devs. You can ask questions as to why they are approaching the problem the way they are and what else they would consider trying. You can also ask general development questions and get insights outside of the specific problem but perhaps relevant to the language they are coding in or in the premise they have. Perhaps the most important question you can ask them is why. Why did they try X? Why didn't it work? Understanding why a developer did something can open your eyes to a whole series of solutions and ideas you perhaps didn't grasp before.

The last reason is because it's just more fun! Loud beats can get you pretty far on your own, but it's nice to have a group of like minded hackers to talk with. Everyone works differently, but for us, it's just a little bit more fun to fire up Twitch and talk with you while we hack away. In fact there is a fair amount of smack talk among the team which keeps it lively, and also keeps us competitive and putting our best work out there.

Those are a few of the reasons we livestream our hacking sessions. Feel free to hop in on the next one, catch an old hacking session we posted to the ForkedBlock YouTube channel and as always, feel free to join our Discord to chat with a solid group of devs anytime!